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Mercy Recruits Autonomous Robots as “Patient Ambassadors”

We’ve seen self-navigating robots everywhere, the vacuums in our homes, warehouses and self-driving cars, now Mercy patients are seeing them in the halls of our hospitals as well.

On December 4, autonomous robot “caregivers” called TUGs joined Mercy Hospital Jefferson’s compliment of advanced health care technology. Developed by Aethon for use in both industrial and hospitality settings as well as health care, TUGs are helping to take the load off Mercy co-workers’ shoulders.


Build Away: MTS' Affiliate Builders Program Invites Clients to Create New Epic Additions

Any system can be improved upon – that’s why MTS has spent the past 10 years building optimizations for our Epic EHR. And while that work has won numerous awards and recognitions for Mercy, there’s always room for improvement.

To give our clients a pathway to build new features and tools that impact their users, MTS rolled out its Affiliate Builders program, which gives eligible physicians, analysts and report writers a support structure for developing new enhancements.


MTS’ Jim Lovell: Making Second Chances Count through Post Prison Ministry

Everyone deserves a second chance. To that end, MTS project manager Jim Lovell has been a part of Post Prison Ministry (PPM) for the past five years. PPM’s mission: helping parolees get back on their feet.

Working with PPM, Jim is part of a small group of individuals who volunteer their time and talent to help ex-prisoners acclimate back into life outside of prison. Each year, PPM interviews, selects, and supports a parolee – or “partner” – who's looking to shed their former life and start anew.


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