Delivering Stork: MTS Helps Riverview Health Bring Epic's Obstetrics Tool Online

With tools to manage pregnancies from labor though the outpatient experience, Epic’s Stork module is a powerful addition to Mercy’s Epic EHR. Recently, MTS helped Riverview Health in Noblesville, Indiana, to launch the obstetrics tool, and it’s had a great reception from their care teams.

Amy Griffith, director of maternal / child services, reports that the transition has been a smooth one for Riverview's 75-person obstetrics department. "Because we were used to an in-Epic solution, the move to Stork wasn't a radical shift for our clinicians," Amy said.


According to Amy, the big benefit has been in the robust reporting power of Stork, which automates a lot of what used to be manual work on her team's part. "For example," she said, "the system automatically compiles breastfeeding data -- even if that was the only thing that's better, it'd be amazing."

Working through Epic's Community Connect program, Riverview turned to MTS to implement Epic in a software as a service (SaaS) model. As a result, most of the MTS team members who assisted with the rollout had been part of Riverview's initial Epic build and implementation project. That continuity paid off, as the team's familiarity with Riverview's system made the upgrade process run much more smoothly.

"They were always asking questions about how we do things and how we'd like to see things turn out," said Amy. "We had regular calls, they scheduled demos, they helped put together training materials."

"The go-live went really well," said Brian Aker, Riverview's director of applications. "MTS' team worked great with our staff. We just had great support from MTS all across the board."

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