Healthcare Analytics

Health Care Analytics

Big Data

Reducing health care variation and expense is top priority for many providers. But turning your data into cost-saving decisions takes time and expertise you may not have.

Our award-winning health care analytics tools, data science and processes help you quickly pinpoint performance issues and savings opportunities. We make the complex simple by integrating data from the EHR, ERP, claims and other sources. Using visualizations, performance dashboards then help you instantly spot best practice patient care at the lowest cost.




Don’t wait weeks for multiple reports you have to merge. Explore millions of data records in real-time. Accelerate simple answers to your most pressing performance challenges. Put the power of big data to work for you.

Mercy’s results-driven solutions are tuned to the highest cost areas of health care – perioperative, finance, nursing, lab and pharmacy – but are customized for your organization and use your data. 



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