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With MTS' fully managed hosting solution, we handle all aspects of your infrastructure and operations, from provisioning and setting up virtual servers, storage, scaling and configuration, to managing operating system environments, security and backups.

MTS' Managed Hosting Features:

  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • 24 / 7 health care-staffed enterprise operations center
  • Award-winning service desk available round-the-clock
  • Fully managed storage


HIPAA Compliant
PCI DSS Compliant
SOC2 Certified
ITIL Certified


Take Advantage of Best-of-Breed Infrastructure

MTS' health care hosting service is built on enterprise-class platforms for consistent performance and familiar operations.

  • Our wholly-owned and managed data centers are used exclusively for health care customers.
  • Non-stop, health care-built data centers are equipped with N+1 redundancy of all infrastructure, power, cooling, security and connectivity features.
  • VMWare ESX hypervisors on a vCloud management platform provides enterprise-class reliability and familiar operations framework for administrators.
  • NetApp storage provides proven performance in an industry gold standard technology bundle, including VMware cloud technology and other solutions.
  • Cisco servers, switches (Nexus) and routers provide proven, seamless connectivity and scalable high-availability.
  • Frequent (four-hour) data backups with 30-day retention provides extended protection against ransomware risks.





Managed Services

Hassling with Windows and Linux upgrades, patching and security? Let us manage that for you. To relieve your IT staff of their maintenance burdens, MTS also offers managed services. A fitting complement to MTS' health care hosting, these services help hospitals by fully managing their Windows and Linux server operating environments. The services include operating system patching, installation, upgrades and hot fixes, as well as security, backup and recovery in MTS' cloud.

Leave the Admin Worries to Us

With MTS, you have seasoned health care system administrators providing reliable infrastructure to support your applications.

  • Fully managed backup with enhanced ransomware protection.
  • Backups every four hours, replicated to offsite storage every 24 hours and 30-day retention.
  • Fully managed firewall services with redundant, enterprise-class firewalls isolating your servers from external threats.
  • 24 /7 monitored intrusion protection system recognizes and prevents threats.
  • Premium anti-virus, server hardening and disk and database encryption.
  • Incident management and customer monitoring of server, storage and network availability through performance dashboards and monthly SLA reporting.
  • Available geo location protection to prevent unwanted traffic from specific geographies.

Looking for a flexible, cost-effective alternative to maintaining a data center? 
Let us manage that for you with MTS' Health Care Cloud offering.

Laboring through data backups?
We can help with MTS' Backup as a Service (BaaS).


vmware cloud certified

Partner with the first health care VMware cloud provider
Health care systems have unique needs. Let us show you how a VMware® cloud certified Epic environment reduces complexity while creating a more reliable EHR experience. 


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