Telehealth and lab services

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Like us, our partners believe in the power of provider collaboration to transform health care. Accelerate your transformation by combining solutions.

Mercy Virtual
A pioneer in telehealth, Mercy Virtual operates the largest single-hub telemedicine center in the country. In a world of advanced technology, everyone should have access to quality care. That’s why Mercy Virtual’s mission is to connect patients with leading care providers whenever, wherever they need help. Our groundbreaking telehealth technology can provide any community with care that’s more accessible, more affordable – and more effective. Learn more about Mercy Virtual.

Laboratory Services
Depending on your location, you can access a full range of laboratory services with quick turnaround times. In addition to routine lab tests most often requested by doctors, a variety of specialized services are available such as: pre-employment drug screening, screening for workers' compensation injuries, health screens to promote wellness and reduce health risks and outpatient transfusion services. Learn more about Mercy Lab.


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