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Real-World Evidence

Do medical devices and pharmaceuticals work as intended in the real world?
What clinical variables impact these products’ effectiveness? 
Can we predict if certain treatments will work better for certain patients?

Unlock the Answers

Designed to help subscribers accelerate innovation all along the product lifecycle, Real World Evidence (RWE) Insights from Mercy Technology Services (MTS) can supercharge a wide range of clinical studies, turning unknowns into powerful new insights.

Drawing on one of the largest RWE databases in existence, MTS’ clinical and data science experts use advanced analytics tools to give subscribers critical insights about medical products’ usage, effectiveness, benefits and risks under real world conditions, including the care protocols, clinical variables and patient predictors that can impact outcomes.

Streamline and Supercharge Insights Through a Single Solution

Real World Clinical Insights


Research doesn’t end with randomized clinical trials (RCTs). Patients often have characteristics, experiences and treatment protocols that differ from those in controlled trial environments. That means the information gained from RCTs doesn’t always apply to a broader group of patients.

To evaluate a medication or device’s effectiveness under real world conditions, more information is often needed on how specific treatments perform within different age groups, genders, races and ethnicities, as well as how they perform when patients have differences in disease severity and/or co-morbid conditions that require other medications.

As a multistate health care provider, Mercy is uniquely positioned to help our subscribers conduct a wide array of RWE-powered clinical trials, delivering deeper insights about patient care, clinical pathways and product effectiveness than previously thought possible. We help companies like yours to dig deep into…

  • Cost and outcomes research and comparative effectiveness studies which track device and medication performance across diverse populations
  • Population health and risk management studies to assess factors that influence treatments and outcomes for diseases like COVID-19
  • Patient-reported outcomes such as pain scores 
  • Utilization data, including treatment adherence and treatment protocols

Equipped with this galaxy of information, our team can provide data that compliments and potentially replaces parts of the clinical trial process. We can help you save time and costs while catapulting your efforts forward in areas including: 

  • New product development and improvement 
  • Personalized medicine 
  • Observational studies
  • Post-market surveillance 
  • FDA label extension 
  • Predictive and prescriptive modeling 
  • And much more

Get More Data Under One Roof

Going far beyond claims and registry information, MTS offers a universe of de-identified data captured throughout each patient’s health care journey. 

With 11 million patient records maintained over more than a decade (including records for more than 3 million active patients), we offer an unmatched breadth and depth of information derived from:

  • Mercy’s expansive electronic health record
  • Implanted medical devices and drug therapies
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Intelligent clinical machines 
  • And more

With our comprehensive RWE solution, subscribers can consolidate the number of data vendors they work with, helping them to save money, eliminate data coordination hassles and alleviate concerns about data completeness and accuracy. 


Dig deep into clinical analytics


In recent studies performed by a global health manufacturer, researchers were able to conduct nearly 85% of their analyses using only data from MTS RWE Insights, reducing the need for multiple, costly data sources. 


Work with Clinical Experts by Your Side

As a health care provider, Mercy is steadfast in our mission to better serve our patients. The cross-industry collaborations we build with companies like yours lead to improved outcomes for patients everywhere – a goal which is core to Mercy’s mission of pioneering a new model of care.

By working in close collaboration with MTS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Getting closer to the inner workings of health care 
  • Receiving personalized support from our health data scientists 
  • Having access to clinicians for deciphering detail and fine-tuning research 
  • Helping inform protocols and apply learnings in the field
  • Tapping into synergy from a mutual interest in improving patient care

Our clinicians are excited to build active collaborations with manufacturers, making them a part of a true joint discovery process. By bringing device and pharmaceutical makers closer to the point of care, we help ensure that the real world needs of patients and providers are reflected in the design of the products on the market.

Get Insights On Demand or Built to Order

Working with MTS can provide you with on-demand access to our curated datasets and pre-built queries, all of which were designed to answer some of the most pressing issues in health care. This includes some of the world’s most detailed data sets in populations that include: 

  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory Illness
  • And many more  

We also work with subscribers to design custom queries, built to order using an exhaustive list of data variables and a decade of diverse, de-identified patient data. 

We can also provide raw data to help researchers test and validate their own predictive algorithms. 

Who We Work With

This flexibility makes our RWE solution ideal for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers who need to:

  • Drive research and development to improve medications and devices
  • Understand real world clinical use and determine the most effective protocols
  • Address post-market regulatory requirements
  • Provide proof to support outcomes-based contracts
  • Manage risk and demonstrate quality to differentiate your products

RWE Insights is also beneficial for governmental health agencies, who can use evidence to:

  • Monitor safety records and track adverse events
  • Leverage data to inform regulatory decisions


RWE Clinical Insights

Why Begin a Cross-Industry Collaboration with MTS? 

By collaborating with MTS, you gain a partner with a vested interest in the development of pharmaceuticals and devices that lead to improved outcomes for our patients. Working toward that end, MTS (along with our parent organization, Mercy) has participated in:

  • Early work in unique device identification, which enables us to track the effectiveness of specific devices across large populations.
  • A landmark FDA-sponsored project for longitudinal EHR analysis.
  • Award-winning work in natural language processing, which enables us to access up to 80 percent more clinical information previously trapped in clinical notes (including radiology notes) and other unstructured data sources like images.
  • Industry-recognized efforts in health care data analysis.
  • Research collaborations with global health technology manufacturers.


RWE research synergy


By collaborating across industries with suppliers and regulatory agencies, we’re fostering intelligence that leads to improved outcomes and more informed care, which is core to Mercy’s mission to pioneer a new model of health care. 

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