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Real World Evidence

Real-World Evidence

In health care today, data leads the way to better business decisions and better patient experiences. The larger and more diverse the data set, the better the outcomes.

The First Real World Evidence Consortium and Orchestration Network

Developed in partnership with global tech giant SAP, MTS' new Real World Evidence (RWE) Insights Network pools the vast amount of information generated by health systems around the United States every year. The result: a massive repository that has the potential to be the world's largest database of curated, de-identified clinical data.

As part of this groundbreaking new business paradigm, we've created a consortium of health systems dedicated to pursuing a better model of patient care by using our combined clinical data to conduct more advanced analytics. As a result, providers, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and regulatory agencies can use RWE to guide business decisions, with the ultimate goal of cultivating a new model of care.


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Real World Evidence
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More than 10 Years of Pioneering Health Care Data Analytics 

Ten years in the making, the RWE Insights Network leverages MTS' data platform, which currently draws insights from millions of Mercy’s de-identified patient records. Powered by SAP’s HANA data analysis tool, this platform has a sizable head start in harnessing RWE thanks to Mercy’s early work in unique device identification, the FDA-sponsored BUILD initiative, huge volumes of diverse data and more than a decade of records for historical analysis.

Using award-winning natural language processing (NLP), MTS also extracts data from doctors’ notes for 80 percent more clinical information, resulting in deeper, more accurate intelligence.

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