Clinical database for advanced analytics

Real World Evidence for Providers

Real-World Evidence for Providers

Your health system's data is one of its most valuable assets. MTS' Real World Insights (RWE) Insights Network offers you the chance to leverage that asset to: 

  • Gain critical insights to drive cost savings and safety improvements.
  • Realize a new income stream to help relieve health care's growing cost pressures.
  • Facilitate innovation, both in your organization and across the health care industry.

"A Clinical Research Model Where Everyone Wins"

A paradigm-changing new business model, the RWE Insights Network is designed to drive innovation across the health care industry while creating much-needed new revenue opportunities for health systems. Using leading-edge analytics and artificial intelligence, we can help your organization to:

  • Highlight variation in clinical practice.
  • Fast-track evidence-based decisions.
  • Drive monumental cost savings.
  • Support safety improvements.
RWE Insights for Providers

Put Your Data to Work For You

Health systems that contribute data to MTS' RWE Insights Network can use our industry-spanning database to power their own clinical and business decision making processes, thanks in part to intuitive visualization dashboards and benchmarking data provided by MTS.

Plus, by opening access to the database for third party subscribers like drug and medical device companies, the network creates new revenue opportunities for providers as well. In an age of declining reimbursements and narrowing margins, participating health systems can earn shares of revenue from each new query conducted by the network's subscribers.

Using the technology that forms the backbone of the RWE Insights Network, MTS was able to shine a light on the cost of devices compared to their outcomes. As a result, Mercy saved $33 million in implanted devices and surgical supplies in the first three years alone, all without sacrificing exceptional care.

Real world evidence for providers

A Leader in Health Care Data Analytics for More than a Decade

Ten years in the making and powered by SAP's HANA data analysis tool, the RWE Insights Network leverages MTS' data platform, which:

  • Currently draws insights from huge volumes of diverse data drawn from millions of de-identified patient records.
  • Has a sizable head start in harnessing RWE thanks to Mercy’s early work in unique device identification, the FDA-sponsored BUILD initiative, and more than a decade of records for historical analysis.
  • Makes use of award-winning natural language processing (NLP) to extracts data from doctors’ notes for 80 percent more clinical information, resulting in deeper, more accurate intelligence.

Getting Started

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