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Real World Evidence for Subscribers

Real-World Evidence for Subscribers

Clinical trials. Market research. Product development. These all take time, money and manpower. MTS' Real World Insights (RWE) Insights Network can provide the data needed to accelerate your processes, speed products to market and meet regulatory needs.

Put Our Data to Work For You

Organizations that subscribe to the RWE Insights Network gain access to a treasure trove of curated and enriched clinical data. This is ideal for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, who can leverage the network's data to:

  • Address regulatory requirements.
  • Drive drug and device development.
  • Support outcome-based contracts.
  • Reduce time to market for medications, medical devices and more.

Access to the RWE Insights Network is also hugely beneficial for federal health agencies, who can use the database and associated tools to:

  • Monitor medical devices' safety records.
  • Tracking adverse events related to pharmaceuticals. 
  • Leverage data to inform regulatory decisions.

To date, MTS' RWE Insights Network has been the basis of research partnerships with global medical technology giants with a combined market capitalization of $575 billion, including Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices, Medtronic and BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company). As a result, these firms have gained invaluable insights about the effectiveness of their devices and the clinical variables that factor into their success.

Real World Evidence subscribers

More than 10 Years of Pioneering Health Care Data Analytics

Ten years in the making, the RWE Insights Network leverages MTS' data platform, which currently draws insights from millions of Mercy’s de-identified patient records. Powered by SAP’s HANA data analysis tool, this platform has a sizable head start in harnessing RWE thanks to Mercy’s early work in unique device identification, the FDA-sponsored BUILD initiative, huge volumes of diverse data and more than a decade of records for historical analysis.

Using award-winning natural language processing (NLP), MTS also extracts data from doctors’ notes for 80 percent more clinical information, resulting in deeper, more accurate intelligence.

RWE Insights for Subscribers

What Sets Our Network Apart

Unlike other data-sharing networks which offer disorganized "data dumps," we supply enriched, curated data, which offers:

  • Regular refreshes and refinements by Mercy’s data scientists, conducted specifically to answer many questions as they arise.
  • Detailed information from the clinical practice level, making it far more robust than claims and registry data
  • Access to Mercy clinicians who can give the data context, making it easy to understand.

Getting Started

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